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2288 rue Fleury Est Montreal Nord Qc Canada  H2B 1K6
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To apply you must have a background in floristry bilingualism is an asset. All of our positions are filled but we will retain the applications florists and / or delivery men. Please send your application by fax.

(514) 382-5025 (Attention Claudette Goulet) or by email.

Cupidon Florist - Flower store Fleury street,Montrea
Cupidon Florist - Flower front store Fleury street,Montreal
Cupidon Florist - Flowers view store Fleury street,Montrea
+01 514 382 6111
+01 800 361 6111
Fax +01 514 382 5025

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2288 Fleury Est, Mtl-Nord,Qc,Canada
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Business floristry,57 years floristry Cupidon florist
Cupidon florist affiliated Teleflora and FTD ask quotation for quantity Montreal Laval. Applications florists and / or delivery men
2288 Fleury East blvd
H2B 1K6
514-382-6111 1-800-361-6111
Business floristry, floristry North Montreal Cupidon florist
2288 rue Fleury Est Montreal, QC,CA H2B 1K6
Business in floristry, floristry Cupidon floristl
2288 Fleury East blvd, Montreal, Quebec,Canada H2B 1K6